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Optro Brand Assets

You may wish to use some of Optro’s brand assets on your website and/or in marketing communications. We’re more than happy for you to use the assets below but we do have a few requirements that must be respected:

  • The brand asset colors must not be modified. We have supplied the different variations below.

  • Brand assets must not be used in a manner that is disparaging

  • Brand assets should only be used in a relevant, appropriate context

Brand Asset Library

‘Make it Pro’ Badge




‘Make it Pro’ Badge - Primary

(1400px x 380px)

This badge can be used to upsell the paid version of your Power-Up. You may wish to use this within the Trello Power-Up directory or on your website.

‘Make it Pro’ Badge - Secondary

(500px x 181px)

This is a smaller version of the badge above. You may wish to use this within your Power-Up.




Optro Logo (Blue) - Primary

This is the primary logo for Optro and should be used in most situations.

Optro Logo (White) - Secondary

This is the secondary logo for Optro and should be used when it is not possible to use the blue logo.

Optro Logo (Black) - Vendor

This is the primary logo for Optro Vendor.




Optro Brick Logo (Blue) - Primary

Optro Brick Logo (White) - Secondary

Optro Brick Logo (Black) - Vendor

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