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Select options for Power-Up Generation

Now that you have the Power-Up Generator installed and running, it will ask you two questions that determine how the Power-Up should be configured.

Q1: What is the Power-Up Name?

Provide the name of your new Power-Up which will be used for:

  • UI elements that reference the name of the Power-Up

  • Folder Name for the Power-Up

Q2: What Capabilities should be enabled?

Trello Power-Ups provide functionality through extension points called Capabilities. These Capabilities are the starting point for all Power-Ups' back-and-forth conversation with Trello.

Power-Up capabilities are enabled via the Power-Up Admin Portal. When a Power-Up has enabled a capability, it is expected to include a key for each capability when calling TrelloPowerUp.initialize() from its connectorUrl. The value for each key should be a function that returns the expected payload as documented per each capability.

Within the Power-Up Generator, select which Capabilities you want to enable by navigating through the list and making your selection.

Key Mapping:

  • <Up>/<Down> - Move up/down the list

  • <Space> - Select or Deselect a Capability

  • <Enter> - Continue

Once you are happy with your selection it’s time to move onto the next step.

Generate your Trello Power-Up

It’s time for the fun part! The Power-Up Generator will perform the following steps automatically:

  1. Clone the Template Project

  2. Remove any unused capabilities

  3. Configure any dynamic files (e.g. react router, webpack configuration)

  4. Install any package dependencies

After you confirm you wish to start the Power-Up Generation process, sit back, relax and let the Generator works its magic.

Once the project generation process is complete, it’s time to start the Power-Up in development mode.

Start Power-Up in Development Mode

The Generator will offer to start your new Power-Up in development mode, which will run yarn watch as explained in the next section of this guide.

Prompt to start Power-Up in development mode

Next Steps

Now that you have successfully generated a Power-Up using the Generator, it’s time to start it up so you can begin further development.

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