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Dedicated Customer Support

It’s important to know that the people using your Power-Ups are well supported and have a good positive experience.

By using Optro, you can be confident there’s a dedicated team providing great customer support to Trello users and this will save you time and allow you to focus on the Power-Up itself and making improvements that provide greater value to your users.

This is the customer support you can expect from Optro if your Power-Up is listed on our marketplace:

  • Customer administration - our team will manage all subscription and account related questions from Trello users using the Optro marketplace. However, if it’s required, we will escalate these questions to the relevant Power-Up vendor.

  • Dispute management - if there are any payment disputes from Trello users on Optro, our team will handle the first-line resolution process. However, we will escalate these disputes to the relevant Power-Up vendors if it is required.

Technical support for Power-Ups is the responsibility of the Vendor and not the Optro team. You should provide Trello users with a clear way of contacting you about any technical issues relating to your Power-Up.

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