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Setup license checking with the Optro API Client

There are 3 ways to use the Optro API Client to enquire about the license/subscription status of a Trello Board. Choose from any of the following options:

Option A: Use the Optro Trello Developer Tools (recommended)

We have created a suite of tools to make creating Power-Ups with built-in licensing as easy as possible, with React, TypeScript, Webpack all setup for you:

Option B: Using Javascript with NPM/Yarn (Node.js and Browser compatible)

Using the Optro API Client from your Server-side is the most robust strategy to enforce licensing restrictions. It allows you to have complete control over the behaviour of your Power-Up and the different conditions.

  1. Install the library (and node-fetch if using from server-side ie. Node.js)

    npm install @optro/api-client node-fetch
  2. Import the API Class

    import {OptroLicenseApi} from "@optro/api-client";
  3. Create a Client with your Power-Up Details

    const optroClient = new OptroLicenseApi("OPTRO_API_KEY", "POWERUP_ID");
  4. Call the license check that matches your Power-Up's licensing model in Optro

    // if using TypeScript
    import { OptroLicenseResponse } from "@optro/api-client";
    // check license status of board + power-up pair using the client
    const t = window.TrelloPowerUp.iframe();
    const boardId: string = t.getContext().board;
    const licenseStatus: OptroLicenseResponse = await optroClient.getBoardLicenseStatus(boardId);
    // or check license status of member + power-up pair using client
    const t = window.TrelloPowerUp.iframe();
    const memberId: string = t.getContext().member;
    const licenseStatus: OptroLicenseResponse = await optroClient.getMemberLicenseStatus(memberId);
    // then check whether they are registered and licensed to use your Power-Up on a paid plan
    return licenseStatus.isRegistered && licenseStatus.isLicensed();
  5. You can use your own interface to provide information on the license applied, or using the @optro/ui-react library you can pass these values to the SubscriptionStatus React Component and have these rendered in a clean and consistent way across all Optro-licensed Power-Ups, with internationalization support.

Option C: Using in Front-end with Vanilla JS

You can include the library as a standard script and then call it from your javascript, this is useful when you're not using a libary like React or Angular (commonly with Webpack).

<script src="@optro/api-client/dist/cache.js"></script>
<script src="@optro/api-client/dist/api.js"></script>
<script src="@optro/api-client/dist/index.js"></script>
var t = window.TrelloPowerUp.iframe({appKey: "APP_KEY", appName: "APP_NAME"});
var client = new OptroLicenseApi("OPTRO_API_KEY", "POWERUP_ID);
client.getBoardLicenseStatus(t.getContext().board).then(function(result) {
   var status = result.isRegistered && result.isLicensed;
   // Do something with the status, such as restrict features or render a message)
}).catch(function(error) {

API Docs

There are a few parameters that can be set when you're using the Optro API Client:

Instantiating the Client

Before you can call a function provided by the Client, you first have to instantiate it, for example:

const client = new OptroLicenseApi("OPTRO-API-KEY", "POWER-UP-ID", "CACHE-MAX-AGE", "CACHE-INTERVAL");
  • OPTRO-API-KEY - Your Optro API Key can be obtained from your Optro Vendor account

  • POWER-UP-ID - Your Power-Up ID can be obtained from the Power-Up Admin Page

  • CACHE-MAX-AGE - (Optional) Choose how long entries can be stored for - e.g. "10m"

  • CACHE-INTERVAL - (Optional) Choose at what interval the cache should refresh values - e.g. "2m"

Performing a License Check

If you would like to check whether a Board or Member is licensed, you can call one of the following commands:

const boardLicenseStatus: OptroLicenseResponse = client.getBoardLicenseStatus("TRELLO-BOARD-ID");
const memberLicenseStatus: OptroLicenseResponse = client.getMemberLicenseStatus("TRELLO-MEMBER-ID");


// Example Return for a Licensed User:
// {
//    isLicensed: true,
//    isRegistered: true
// }

You can use the returned values to determine what level of features to provide to the board or member in your Power-Up, as well as pass it to the License UI Components in the front-end to provide access for users to upgrade and manage their subscription.

Next Steps

Now that the License API’s have been configured correctly, you may wish to test them to check everything is working as you intended. Optro comes with built-in capabilities to check your licensing is working as it should be.

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