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Optro Vendor Home

Build, monetize and market your Power-Ups to Trello users around the world.


Manage your Optro Vendor Account

Keep your vendor account details and payment information up to date within Optro.

Use the Power-Up Generator

Save time and build a Power-Up in minutes with the first ever Trello Power-Up Generator.

Enhance your Power-Up's features

Discover how to customize and add more powerful features to your Power-Up.

Monetize your Trello Power-Ups

Earn money from your Power-Ups with an integrated, subscription based licensing system.

Manage your Optro Power-Up Listing

Learn how to create and update Power-Up listings within your Optro Vendor account.

Revenue Sharing

Find out how the revenue is split when a customer subscribes to your Power-Up.

Dedicated Customer Support

It’s important to know that the people using your Power-Ups are well supported and have a good positive experience. By using Optro, you can be confident ther...

Optro Brand Assets

Want to use some of the Optro brand assets in your promotional materials? Access them here.

Send us your feedback

Share your feedback and let us know how we can make your Optro experience even better.

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