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Host Power-Up on Production

You are getting close to launching your Power-Up! But before you make it available to any Trello users, it needs to be hosted on a production environment.

Note: ngrok is not a suitable environment for a Power-Up you make publicly available.

There are several production environment providers to choose from and we would recommend any of the following for your Trello Power-Up:

Next Steps - Monetization!

Why not turn your Power-Up into a revenue stream with monetization? After all, you’ve put in the work to get it launched and monetization will help you invest in future developers.

You can use the Optro Power-Up market to easily add subscription-based licensing to your Power-Up - without any hassle! Also, if you used the Generator then it’s even easier to monetize your Power-Up as the Optro licensing APIs are already built in.

Let’s show you how to setup monetization in your Trello Power-Up.

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