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Start the Power-Up Generator

There are two different options for starting the Power-Up Generator:

  1. Install and run automatically with npx (recommended)

  2. Manually install and run yourself

Make sure you’ve got :nodejs: Node.js installed before continuing with the guide

Option A. Run using npx (recommended)

You can use npx to automatically download and start the generator, all from a single command:

npx @optro/create-trello-powerup

Option B. Install and Run Manually

Alternatively, you can also install the Power-Up generator manually and run it from your command line:

# Install the package globally
npm install -g @optro/create-trello-powerup

# Run the generator

Download and install the Power-Up generator with npm

Next Steps

Now you have successfully started the Generator, it’s time to navigate through the prompts and begin building your Power-Up.

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