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Create your Power-Up in Optro

Before you can add monetization you will need to create your Power-Up in Optro. This is quick and easy to do, so just follow the steps below:

Please ensure your Power-Up is hosted on a production environment before adding it to Optro Vendor

Step 1: Log in to your Optro Vendor account

Start by accessing your Optro Vendor account. For new vendors, it’s easy to set up a new Optro Vendor account.

Step 2: Create Power-Up in Optro

Navigate to the Power-Ups tab and select Add Power-Up.

If you do not have a Power-Up listed in your Optro Vendor account, then click Integrate an existing Power-Up.

Step 3: Enter the name and description for your Power-Up

Complete the two fields shown on the screen. These will be displayed in the Power-Up card as shown in the Preview and in the screenshot below.

Use the description to provide a short summary/elevator pitch about your Power-Up.

There are limits and restrictions for the name and description as detailed below:

  • Name - Up to 50 characters (with spaces)

  • Description - Up to 150 characters (with spaces)

  • Only certain special characters are allowed including 0-9 ! ? . , : ; - ' β€œ ( ) | [ ] { } @ & + \ / < >

Step 4: Upload an icon and banner for your Power-Up

Add some character to your Power-Up and give it a unique identity with an icon and banner

You will be able to preview how they look in the live Preview on the right-hand side. The recommended dimensions for each image are:

  • Icon – 228px (width) x 228px (height)

  • Banner – 300px (width) x 238px (height)

These images will be visible to the public and must be appropriate to be displayed on Optro

Step 5: Select your Power-Up from the Trello directory

If the Power-Up already exists on Trello you will need to integrate it with Optro. You can do this in two ways:

  • Option 1 - Toggle on My Power-Up is published and select the Power-Up from the list

  • Option 2 - Enter your Trello Power-Up ID in the field displayed*

*you can get the Power-Up ID from the Trello Power-Up Admin page.

Step 6: Create Power-Up in Optro

Once all these steps are complete, select Create Power-Up to complete the integration process. 

Congratulations! Your Power-Up has now been created on Optro πŸŽ‰

Next steps

It’s time to setup the monetization elements with your Trello Power-Up so that it works as intended on Optro.

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