Workflows for Confluence is an app that helps you customize how documents are created, approved, published and expired in Confluence Cloud. This page will give you a walkthrough of the key features so you can get started.

Once you have installed Workflows for Confluence, you have two options:

  1. Use the default workflows that are available out-of-the-box

  2. Begin building your own custom workflows

For many of our customers, customization is key so follow the steps below to begin building your own workflows.

Start Building your Custom Confluence Workflows

With Workflows for Confluence, the powerful built-in editor allows you to create simple or complex document workflows in minutes. The drag and drop editor makes it easy to assign statuses and actions and configure their properties to meet the exact needs of your team or organization.

Apply Actions to your Workflow

Actions are a core component of the workflow creation process in Workflows for Confluence. These actions enable you to manipulate your Confluence pages directly. For example, you can change the labeling, set permissions, or create sub-pages as a result of a workflow action.

You can also use authenticated and unauthenticated webhooks to integrate Confluence with popular apps such as Slack, Zapier, and Jira.

Setup a Review and Approvals Process

Adding review and approvals to your Confluence page workflows transforms your document management process. This is a popular feature in Workflows for Confluence and it enables you to customize the page review and approval process to meet the needs of your team and organization.

Some teams and organizations will require e-signatures as part of the approval process. With Workflows for Confluence, you can add these with ease and ensure your Confluence pages are approved in the right way.

Set Page Expirations

You can use page expirations to automatically expire Confluence pages when edits are made or a specific date has been reached. This is a great feature for keeping your pages up to date and can help to manage time-sensitive documents such as regulatory documents or company policies.

Search and Filter through your Confluence Pages

Finally, Workflows for Confluence comes with a built-in search that allows you to find your Confluence pages and documents with ease. You can also apply filters to narrow down your search and find exactly what you are looking for.

The Workflows Search is commonly used to find the status of Confluence pages and understand where they are in the workflow cycle.

Want to find out more?

Check out our Use Cases if you would like to see Workflows for Confluence being used in real-life examples. Alternatively, take a look at our User Guide which will help you when using the different features of the product.

Our team is always happy to help so if you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.