The Bulk Change feature allows you to apply workflows to multiple Confluence pages in one action using CQL. This is a great way to apply workflows in bulk if you have just installed Workflows for Confluence and are looking for a way to apply specific workflows to pages in your Confluence instance.

Accessing Bulk Change

To access Bulk Change, start by navigating to the Global Confluence Administrator settings. Next click Configuration under Workflows on the left-hand side.

And finally, click into the Bulk Change settings.

In these settings you can now add your CQL mapping to specify which Confluence pages you want to apply a workflow to. Once you have added the CQL query to the field it will notify you if the query is valid or invalid, as shown below.

Once you are ready to apply the workflow to these Confluence pages click Execute.

Supported CQL Fields

Workflows for Confluence currently only supports the following CQL fields:

  • Ancestor

  • Creator (does not support creator.fullname)

  • Label

  • Parent

  • Space

  • Title

Important Note: The first CQL Mapping that matches the page is the workflow that will be assigned to that page.

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