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Using a Default Level Scheme with Multiple Restriction Schemes

If you want to keep the classification levels consistent across all spaces but customize how page access restrictions are applied, then this approach would be best for your organization.

This approach will allow you to use a single Level Scheme across all of your spaces and then use custom Restriction Schemes for individual spaces and teams.


  • Consistent use of classification level across teams

  • Tailored approach to page access in each space

  • Centrally managed by Confluence admins


  • Less flexibility on available classification levels

How to set this up

Start by adding all the classification levels needed in the Levels settings. Next, create a Level Scheme that contains all of the classification levels you want to use across Confluence. The Default Level Scheme will contain all classification levels by default and you can choose to use this if preferred.

Once the Level Scheme is created you need to setup your custom Restriction Schemes. Click into the Restriction Schemes settings and begin creating your own by clicking Create Restriction Scheme. Give the Restriction Scheme a name and description before clicking Create which will enable you to select which users or groups have view and edit permission or view only access.

Create as many Restriction Schemes as you need to customize page access restrictions across all the spaces in your organization’s Confluence instance.

Note: Restriction Schemes are applied at the space level. Create as many Restriction Schemes as you require to meet the needs of all your Confluence spaces.

After creating all the Restriction Schemes that are needed, move into the Scope settings to apply these to your Spaces. Start by ensuring the Manage Globally option is not enabled. This will enable you select the Level Schemes and Restriction Schemes for individual spaces.

First, ensure all your Spaces are using the single Level Scheme you created earlier. This will make sure all your spaces have the same classification levels available to them. Next, select the Restriction Schemes you want to apply to individual spaces. Depending on the number of spaces you have and the Restriction Schemes you created, this process could take a little while.

Once configured, you are ready to go! 😎

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