Classification levels are an easy way to label pages depending on the types of information or data they contain. This is often linked to the sensitivity of the page or risk if it was lost or disclosed.

Once classification levels are applied to a Confluence page, they will be displayed clearly at the top of the page (as shown below).

To add a classification level, follow the steps in the video below or continue reading this user guide for a step-by-step walkthrough

To add a classification level, click Pending Classification at the top of the page (shown above).

Note: The name, colour and the description of classification levels can only be changed by Confluence admins.

This will open a window that contains the different classification levels available in your Confluence space. If you click one of these classification levels it will then be automatically applied to the page.

Important: If your organization are using Restriction Schemes, these will be applied to the page as soon as the classification level changes.

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