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Managing Levels and Restrictions at a Global level

Depending on your organization’s data handling policies, a more standardized and consistent approach to using classification levels and access restrictions across your entire Confluence instance may be preferable.

If you use this approach, when users try to classify their pages in Confluence they will be presented with a standardized list of classification levels to choose from. The page access restrictions assigned to each classification level will also be consistent across the entire Confluence system.


  • Consistent use of classification level across teams

  • Standardized page access restrictions

  • Centrally managed by Confluence admins


  • Less flexible to specific team needs

How to set this up

First you need to create the classification levels needed in Confluence in the Levels settings. Next, create a Level Scheme that contains all of the classification levels you want to use across Confluence. The Default Level Scheme will contain all classification levels by default and you can choose to use this.

Once the Level Scheme is ready, access Scope and ensure Manage Globally is enabled. Select the Level Scheme from the Level Scheme drop down menu and this will apply it across your entire Confluence instance.

Now you need to setup the page access restrictions. Start by creating a Restriction Scheme in the Restriction Scheme settings. You can use the Default Restriction Scheme if preferred. Click the three dot ellipsis on the Restriction Scheme and select Set Permissions from the drop down. This will give you the option to select the users and groups who should have access based on the classification level.

Once the Restriction Scheme has been created this can be applied to Confluence using the Scope settings in the same way as the Level Schemes.

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