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Applying Level Schemes without Restrictions

If your organization only needs to use the classification levels in Confluence and not the page access restrictions then this approach would be more preferable to you.

This approach will allow you to customize which classification levels are available within individual spaces but once the levels are set it will not automatically apply page restrictions.


  • Flexible use of classification level across teams and spaces

  • Easy to set up and manage

  • Centrally managed by Confluence admins


  • Provides no control or protection over page access

  • May take some time to setup depending on the number of spaces

How to set this up

First you need to create the classification levels needed in Confluence in the Levels settings. Next, create the Level Schemes that you want to use across the different Confluence spaces. This is particularly useful if you want to create custom groups of classification levels for specific teams or departments (e.g. Marketing Level Scheme). Once created, the Level Scheme can be applied to the Marketing team’s spaces only.

You will also notice the Default Level Scheme in the Level Scheme settings. For this scenario, we recommend you do not use this. The Default Level Scheme contains all the classification levels in Compliance and does not allow you to create a custom group of classification levels for specific spaces. We recommend you create your own custom Level Schemes which you can apply to individuals spaces.

Jumping back to the scenario, once the Level Schemes are ready access the Scope settings and ensure Manage Globally is turned off. You can now select the Level Schemes you want to apply to individual spaces across your Confluence instance. After applying a Level Scheme to individual spaces, if you navigate to any page in that space and try to add a classification level it will only show the classification levels that are part of that Level Scheme.

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