Restriction Schemes enable you to restrict page access to specific users or groups based on the classification level of the page. This powerful feature can help reduce the exposure of sensitive information stored in Confluence.

Tip: we recommend you create the Level Schemes before creating a Restriction Scheme as this will make the setup and configuration easier.

Creating a Restriction Scheme

To start creating a Restriction Scheme, access the Restriction Schemes page located in the Settings within Compliance for Confluence (as shown below).

This will open the configuration settings where you can create and manage your Restriction Schemes in Confluence.

Here you will see the Default Restriction Scheme which can be used to apply consistent restrictions across your entire Confluence instance. However, if you prefer to create custom Restriction Schemes start by clicking + Create Restriction Scheme.

Next, start by giving your Restriction Scheme a name and description using the fields shown below. These can help differentiate the Restriction Scheme and is particularly useful if you have a number of Confluence admins who will be using the Compliance for Confluence app.

Once you are happy with the name and description click Create and you will see the settings below.

Here you will notice there are two sets of restrictions/permissions you can choose; Edit and View Permissions and View Only Permissions and these will work as follows:

  • Edit and View Permissions - users and groups added here will have the ability to view and edit any pages classified at this level

  • View Only Permissions - users and groups added here will have only be able to view pages classified at this level. These users or groups will not have the permission to edit pages.

Compliance for Confluence uses the native permissions and restrictions feature in Confluence and applies functionality to your classification levels.

Once you have selected the users and groups that need view and/or view and edit permissions, click Save and this Restriction Scheme is ready to be applied to Confluence. You can manage how a Restriction Scheme is applied using the Scope settings.

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