Approvals for Trello gives you the ability to request and provide approval on items represented as Trello Cards. This functionality can be useful for a range of use cases:

Work Item Approval

  • Get approval to start work on a particular item from

  • e.g. Ask if a piece of work is ready to begin (e.g. Proposals)

Work Review

  • Ask your colleagues to review your work and give it the go-ahead.

    • e.g. Copywriting, Advertisements, Code Promotion

Read Receipts

  • Request that your colleagues confirm they have read your Trello Card using the Power-Up

    • e.g. Team-wide Announcements

The Power-Up comes in two different versions, a Free version and a Pro version - see the difference here.

Follow the steps below to get going:

  1. Install the Power-Up by adding it to your board

  2. (optional) Subscribe to the Pro version using Optro

  3. Configure the Power-Up and set up your first Approval!