There are several workflow macros that you can add into Confluence pages and these will automatically synchronize to reflect the current workflow of a page.

Workflow macros are particularly useful if you would like to include the status or specific meta data throughout your Confluence page (e.g. in a table or section).

Available Workflow Macros

#1: Workflow Status Macro

The Workflow Status macro (A) will display the current status of a workflow on that page (B), as shown below.

As your workflow transitions through the different stages, the macro will automatically update to reflect its current status.

#2: Workflow Metadata Macro

The Workflow Metadata macro (C) provides several more options as shown in the image below. These options include:

  • Workflow Status

  • Approvers List

  • Transition Date

To use one of these options, select it from the dropdown list, and it will add it to the Confluence page.

Top tip: the information displayed in a Workflows macro will automatically update based on the current status of a workflow in the Confluence page

How to add Workflow Macros

To add one of the Workflows for Confluence macros to your page you will need edit permissions. Click the Edit icon (keyboard shortcut: E) to open the page editor as shown below (D)

Select the location you want to place the workflow macro and press '/' on your keyboard. This will open the macro selection window. Type “Workflow” to narrow down your selection and you will now see two options.

Choose one of the macros and these will be automatically added to your page. Finally, just click publish to see the final workflow macro in place.