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Applying Custom Level Schemes and Restriction Schemes

This is the most complex of all use cases but it gives you the greatest level of customization and flexibility when using classification levels and page access restrictions throughout Confluence.

If you have teams that require specific classification levels and access restrictions for the pages in their spaces, then this approach is most likely for you. It will allow you to select which classification levels and restrictions are applied on a space by space basis.


  • Classification levels tailored to individual teams or departments

  • Access restrictions customized at a space level

  • Tailors functionality of Compliance to individual team needs

  • Centrally managed by Confluence admins


  • Time consuming to set up

  • Requires more granular management

How to set this up

First you need to create the classification levels needed in Confluence in the Levels settings. You should create all the classification levels that you will need throughout Confluence.

Next, create the Level Schemes that you want to use across your Confluence spaces. These Level Schemes are custom groups of classification levels that can be applied to individual spaces. If you have teams or departments that only require a certain number of classification levels then we recommend creating a Level Scheme for them which only uses these levels.

Once you have created the Level Schemes you need to create the Restriction Schemes for your spaces. These Restriction Schemes enable you to customize how page access restrictions are applied using classification levels. You can apply these Restriction Schemes to individual spaces which means you can set up specific page access restrictions for each space, even if the classification level of a page across each space remains the same. This is a particularly useful feature if different teams or departments in your organization need to customize how access restrictions are applied within their Confluence spaces.

After setting up the Level Schemes and Restriction Schemes you are now ready to apply these to your spaces in Confluence using the Scope settings.

Within the Scope settings, ensure Manage Globally is turned off and this will allow you to enable Compliance for individual spaces in your instance. At the beginning of this section we mentioned it will take time to set up this approach and depending on the number of spaces you have in Confluence, that will determine how long it takes for you to apply Level Schemes and Restriction Schemes to your individual spaces.

Start by enabling Level Schemes for individual spaces and selecting the Level Scheme from the drop down menu. Next, enable Restriction Schemes and start selecting the custom Restriction Scheme you created using the drop down menu. Once complete, these are applied to the chosen spaces in Confluence.

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