After creating the Level Schemes that are needed, these can be applied to Confluence in two ways; globally or to specific spaces.

All of this is managed in the Scope settings in Compliance for Confluence (as shown below). Navigate to these settings to begin configuring how Level Schemes are applied.

Applying a Level Scheme Globally

If you would like to apply a single Level Scheme to your entire Confluence instance, start by ensuring the Manage Globally option within the Scope settings is activated (as shown below).

This will give you the ability to select a Level Scheme from the drop down menu and you can select the Level Scheme that you have created.

For more information about using the Scope settings check out our admin guides.

Applying a Level Schemes to Individual Spaces

For a more personalized and tailored approach to how classification levels are used in Confluence you can apply Level Schemes to specific Spaces. This is particularly useful if there are teams or departments using Confluence who have specific requirements for their spaces.

To start applying Level Schemes to individual spaces, start by ensuring the Manage Globally option is de-activated. This will enable you to select individual spaces under the Space Settings heading in the Scope page (as shown below)

Next, find the space(s) you want to apply Level Schemes to and ensure the Enable option is activated. Now you can select the Level Schemes that you have created from the drop down menu.

Once a Level Scheme has been selected it will be automatically applied to this space in Confluence.

If you apply a new Level Scheme to a space that already had one applied, there may be a difference in classification levels between the two Level Schemes. Therefore, you will be required to migrate pages with the previous classification levels to new classification levels based on the new Level Scheme.

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