You can create as many classification levels as your organization requires in Compliance for Confluence and the names of these can be customized to align with your policies and procedures.

After first installing Compliance for Confluence, you will find 4 default classification levels:

  • Highly Restricted

  • Restricted

  • Internal

  • Public

These levels are just a starting point and you can easily edit or delete them.

Create a classification level

To create a new classification level, start by accessing Settings in the left-hand navigation bar.

Next, click Levels (as shown below) and this will open the classification levels configuration settings.

To create a new classification level click + Create Level.

You will then be required to choose a name, description, and select a color for the background and text. The new hex code color editor gives you even greater choice over the colors you can choose.

Confluence users will be able to see the name, description, and colors of the classification levels so be sure to choose something your colleagues will understand.

Once you are happy with the classification level, click Create and this will add it to the Levels page.

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