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Find Power-Ups with even more features unlocked and transform how you use Trello in your personal and professional life.


Introduction to Optro

Find out how Optro can you help you unlock more powerful features in your favourite Trello Power-Ups.

Introduction to Pro Power-Ups

Find out how Pro Power-Ups on Optro differ from the standard versions you can find on the Trello Power-Up directory.

Activate a free trial for Power-Ups

You can get a 7 day free trial of all Power-Ups on Optro and in this section we will show you how to activate it.

Subscribe to a Power-Up on Optro

Find out how to activate a subscription for a Power-Up in Optro

Extend Power-Up use across Users, Boards and Workspaces

Find out how you can easily increase/decrease the use of a Power-Up from Optro.

Cancel a Power-Up subscription

If you want to cancel a Power-Up subscription on Optro please follow the steps in this guide.

Additional Guides

This section contains some additional information that can help you when using Optro.

Payments and Billing in Optro

Learn more about the payment and billing process in Optro and find out how to access your receipts.

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