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Unlock more powerful features for your Trello Power-Ups with the Optro market.

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What is Optro

The Optro Power-Up Market is the place to discover and try enhanced versions of your favourite Trello Power-Ups. You can use Power-Ups to customise and extend your Trello boards.

What is a Power-Up

A Trello Power-up is similar to an App, a Plugin or an Addon in other Atlassian applications and are developed by third-parties. Power-ups allow users to add new features to Trello Boards and enhance their functionality in specific areas.

How to install a Power-Up

Power-Ups turn Trello boards into living applications through additional features and integrations. Find out how to install them here.

What is a Pro Power-Up

Depending on the monetization chosen for a particular Power-up, there may be features available to use for free, without associated charges and other features may be charged for.

How can I trial Pro features for free

Optro Market supports trials of varying lengths but the total duration is decided by the Power-up Vendor.

How to license multiple boards or users

Whether you want to license 2, 25 or 100 boards or more it’s just as easy as licensing a single one with Optro. Our easy to use licensing interface allows you to select who or what to license so you can choose exactly what you need.

How to subscribe to Pro features

After registration, you can choose which Boards or Users should be licensed (depending on the Power-up being licensed, the target of the license may be one or more boards or users) either in your Personal Account, or one of the Organisations you are a member of.

How payments are taken

Optro provides subscription services to Power-Ups based on customers paying a monthly charge for the premium features.

Cancelling an Optro Power-Up subscription

Cancelling your Power-Up subscription is really easy and can be done in these 4 simple steps: Step 1 Go to your subscriptions Step 2 Click on the subscriptio...

Additional Documentation

This section contains some additional information that can help when you are using Optro. Unable to Retrieve License Status

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