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Subscribe to a Power-Up on Optro

From Trello

Once you have installed a Power-up, if the Power-up is part of the Optro Market, it will one or more of the following UI components to indicate it’s support for the platform:

  • Banner showing whether you are on the FREE PLAN or PRO PLAN, with a link to find out more.

  • 'Make it Pro with Optro’ badge which links to the Optro Market

If you’d like to upgrade from the Free Plan, simply click on the upgrade link, which will take you to the Power-up listing on the Optro Market.

How To

  1. Click on the upgrade link shown in the Power-up, or in the Trello Power-up Directory

  2. Confirm you are on the correct website

  3. Click on ‘Subscribe’ and sign in or register as required.

  4. Next, you can choose which Boards or Organisations you would like to license

  5. Once you have confirmed the recipients of the license, you can subscribe to the Power-ups on a monthly basis.

Please see other pages for information on how the subscription payments are processed and if any free trial periods are available. (this is done on a per Power-up basis).

From Optro

You can subscribe to a Power-up by browsing the available Power-ups on the Market and then clicking on the ‘Subscribe’ button, which will guide you through the process of registration if you haven’t already.

After registration, you can choose which Boards or Users should be licensed (depending on the Power-up being licensed, the target of the license may be one or more boards or users) either in your Personal Account, or one of the Organisations you are a member of.

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