Once the Power-Up Generator is installed and started, it will ask you two questions to determine how your Power-Up should be configured. These questions are:

  1. What is the Power-Up Name?

  2. What Capabilities should be enabled?

After you have completed the questions the Power-Up will be generated and you will then be offered to start it in development mode.

Before we move on, let’s take a walk through the Generator questions below:

What is the Power-Up Name?

Provide the name of your new Power-Up which will be used for:

  • UI elements that reference the name of the Power-Up

  • Folder Name for the Power-Up

What Capabilities should be enabled?

Trello Power-Ups provide functionality through extension points called Capabilities. These Capabilities are the starting point for all Power-Ups' back-and-forth conversation with Trello.

Power-Up capabilities are enabled via the Power-Up Admin Portal. When a Power-Up has enabled a capability, it is expected to include a key for each capability when calling TrelloPowerUp.initialize() from its connectorUrl. The value for each key should be a function that returns the expected payload as documented per each capability.

Within the Power-Up Generator, select which Capabilities you want to enable by navigating through the list and making your selection.

Key Mapping:

  • <Up>/<Down> - Move up/down the list

  • <Space> - Select or Deselect a Capability

  • <Enter> - Continue

It’s time to Generate your Trello Power-Up!

Now for the fun part! The Power-Up Generator will perform the following steps automatically:

  1. Clone the Template Project

  2. Remove any unused capabilities

  3. Configure any dynamic files (e.g. react router, webpack configuration)

  4. Install any package dependencies

Start Power-Up in Development Mode

Once the project generation is complete, the generator will offer to start your new Power-Up in development mode, which will run yarn watch as explained in the next section.

Discover more ways you can interact with the generated Power-Up on Start your Power-Up

Next Steps

Now that you have successfully selected the capabilities and generated your Power-Up, it’s time to start it up.