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Use Cases

Optimizer for Jira is a powerful app which can be used in a lot of different ways in both day-to-day tasks, and as part of a large operation such as a migration or a merger. And as each organization has their own procedures and standards, each user will have to approach it differently.

You will find the most common use cases below, these will cover both day-to-day tasks and some of the more complex scenarios. These will give you insights into possible scenarios you may encounter and how Optimizer for Jira can help improve the performance of your Jira systems.

Diagnosing problems

Steve works as a Jira admin for a small business who has been centralizing their HR and Expenses onto Jira.
A few weeks ago they performed a large amount of updates to both their Jira instance and their plugins.

Recently they’ve been getting reports from users that certain issues aren’t loading correctly.

Find out how Steve tracks down the root cause of the problem

Archiving and Project Cleanup

Please note that Archiving is only supported Jira Data Center and on versions newer than Jira 8

George is part of the administration team for a large international bank.

Due to performance issues caused by an increased amount of data, they have recently upgraded from a server instance of Jira 7 to a 5-node instance of Jira 8 Data Center.

Thanks to the move to Data Center and the performance improvements in Jira 8 the situation has improved, but they wish to improve it further by cleaning up the Projects on their instance.

Come along as George improves the system performance

Deleting unused objects

Arima was recently hired as a Jira administrator for a large company who hasn’t had any previous dedicated Jira administration staff.
The instance he’s been put in charge of started as a spearhead project to discover the usability of Jira and over time the userbase grew until the whole company was using Jira for their day to day tasks and it’s now a core part of their BP.

As the first ever full-time Jira admin he has been tasked with resolving the issues users are having with slow loading times and bad responsiveness of the instance.

Find out how Arima resolves the performance issues and improves maintainability

Managing custom fields

Elin is a Jira administrator at a recent startup who’s rapidly expanding.
Until recently they had multiple contractors on site assisting with setup and management of Jira projects for different parts of the business.
During the period of change which occurred as the business moved into Jira the RFC policies were not adhered to in multiple occasions leading to a bit of a mess in terms of configuration items, Custom Fields especially.

As one of the permanent Jira administrators Elin has to sort out the current situation with the Custom fields to ensure maintainability and to avoid any performance issues down the line.

See how Elin takes care of the situation

Cross-instance project migration

Anders and Arvu are Jira System administrators on two separate Jira Data Center Instances within the same company.

In a recent push to increase international co-operation they’ve decided to merge most of their Jira Instances. To trial the procedure the company has decided to start with two mid-sized Data Center instances.
Arvu is in charge of the system into which the data will be migrated while Anders is in charge of the source system.

Read about how Arvu and Anders collaborate on this complex migration

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