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Managing custom fields

Elin is a Jira administrator in a rapidly expanding startup company. Until recently they had multiple contractors on-site assisting with the setup and management of Jira projects for different parts of their business.

During the period of change, when they moved to using Jira, the RFC policies were not adhered to in multiple occasions, leading to a bit of a mess in terms of configuration items, and Custom Fields especially.

As a Jira Admin, Elin is given the task to resolve the current situation with Custom fields, to ensure maintainability and to avoid any performance issues down the line.

Product Features

  • Merging custom Fields

  • Optimizing Custom fields (Changing context)

Use Case

To get a sense of the scale of the problem, Elin starts looking at the amount of Custom Fields, Screens, and Projects. By looking at the ratios we can see which object types have a low re-usage rate.

This can be investigated further by filtering on the amount of associated schemes and projects in Optimizer for Jira.

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