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How to use the Workflows Table

Admins and Space admins are able to design and deploy Workflows that can be used on pages across your Confluence instance.

For an Admin to access the Workflow management table they must navigate to Global Settings > Workflows (Workflows for Confluence)

For a Space Admin to access their Space workflows management table they must navigate to their Space, then follow Space Settings > Content Tools > Workflows > Workflows (tab)

Once the user reaches this section they will have a view similar to the one below. We will provide a breakdown of the different features of the table below.


When you click on the Create button a dialog opens with name and description fields for you new workflow. Follow this guide for more information about creating a workflow.

Import (Space Admins only)

In the Space Settings you will have an additional option to Import a Global Workflow into your Space where you can customize it to any extent.

When importing into your space you will not affect the original Global workflow, you will essentially make a copy of it.

Name & Description

The name and description fields are inline editable so you have the ability to easily change them as you please.


In order for a Workflow to be applied to a page it must be enabled, once it is enabled users with the appropriate permissions will be able to select it when adding it to a screen.

If your workflow is currently being used on more than one page then you are unable to Disbale it until you remove it from that page/migrate your pages to another workflow.


The usage sections shows you how many pages and spaces the workflow is currently being used on. (Blue = Pages, Green = Spaces)


There are four main tools that can be used to help managing your workflows easier.


Selecting edit will open up the workflow editor with your chosen workflow, from here you have the ability to add/remove statuses and actions.


If you have an existing Workflow that works well but you just need to make a couple other slight changes, you can make a copy of it, rename it to whatever you like and begin editing.


If you no longer want your workflow, you have the ability to Delete it using this tool.

If the workflow you want to delete is currently being used on more than one page, when you click on the Delete option you will be asked to select a workflow for these pages to be migrated too.

Once you have deleted your workflow you will be unable to retrieve it.

View Actions

If you are using a number of Actions within your workflow but they're not working for an unexpected reason, you can select this to view your most recently completed actions!

To learn more about the interface view this page.

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about Workflows, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team.

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