The Bulk Change feature in Compliance for Confluence uses Confluence Query Language (CQL) to select the pages you want to classify in bulk.

Using CQL to Bulk Change

Start by typing a CQL query into the CQL field and it will display whether this query is valid.

Choose the Classification Level

Next, choose the classification level you want to apply to the pages that match the CQL query. Use the dropdown menu under Level to select the classification level (as shown below).

Review Extra Options for Bulk Change

Before you are ready to action the bulk change, you will notice there are two other options; Update Page Restriction and Include Pages You Cannot Access. These options will do the following:

  • Update Page Restriction - the pages that are re-classified will also have their restrictions updated to align with the new level. This option is recommended if you are using the Restriction Schemes within Compliance for Confluence.

  • Include Pages You Cannot Access - all pages will be updated and re-classified even if you do not have permission to view and edit that page in Confluence. This will affect Confluence pages you are not aware of and caution should be taken when using this option.

These options are not mandatory but we recommend you take time to choose the options that are right for you before confirming the bulk change.

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