The Bulk Change feature in Compliance for Confluence uses Confluence Query Language (CQL) to select the pages you want to classify in bulk.

Using CQL to Bulk Change

Start by typing a CQL query into the CQL(A) field, and it will display whether this query is valid. Next, choose the classification level you want to apply to the pages that match the CQL query. Use the dropdown menu under Level (B) to select the classification level.

Update Page Restrictions After Bulk Classification (Optional)

Before you are ready to action the bulk change, you will notice the option to Update Page Restriction (C). You can select this if you want to have the re-classified pages updated with the new level created.

Once completed, click Confirm (D) to update all the changes. This will automatically add the bulk change action to the Task Manager, and it will begin completing.

Important: if you are bulk changing a large number of pages this will take some time to complete. Refer to the Task Manager for an update on progress.

Selecting Unclassified Pages for Bulk Classification

If you would like to select unclassified pages for bulk classification, please use the following CQL string: hasComplianceLevel != true and then select your desired classification level (B), as shown above.

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