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Use Cases

Approvals for Confluence is a Document Management app that applies easy to use review and approval process to Confluence pages. If your business needs to ensure content and documents are approved before being released, Approvals for Confluence is the solution you need.

You will find the most common use cases below. These will give you insights into possible scenarios you may encounter and how Approvals for Confluence can support you in managing your document approvals.

Getting Pages Approved

Elliot is an columnist for a local newspaper. He has recently drafted an article to be published in the monthly edition and needs to get it approved by the 2 editorial leads. This is the standard operating procedure for this newspaper company.

Find out how Elliot uses Approvals for Confluence to get this article approved.

Getting Multiple Approvals on Content

Infrastrech, a large engineering company, are currently writing a new technical document for their latest project. The document covers a wide variety of technical fields. Brian, the project lead, requires approval from each technical specialist in their respective field before publishing the technical document to the wider organisation

Find out how Brian uses section approvals to send parts of the technical document to specific colleagues

Expiring and Re-Approving Documents

Diane works for a Fortune 500 Company. They have company policies that need to reviewed annually. Due to the number of policies, Diane is unable to keep track of each of these manually and needs a way to automate this content expiration process. In most cases, she will need to keep the policy same and either submit for re-approval or make minor changes. She needs to keep the same document but just expire the existing approval when the document expires after one year.

Find out how Diane uses Approvals for Confluence to keep the company policies up to date

Managing your Pending Approvals

Xavier is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at a multi-national company. It’s approaching the end of the financial year and he has received a lot of budget proposals which require his review. He needs a simple and easy way to view the approvals that are waiting for his review so that he can prioritize and action these accordingly.

Find out how Xavier can view the documents awaiting his review with ease

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