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View Detected Sensitive Data in Pages

If Sensitive Data Detection has been activated on your Confluence instance, Compliance for Confluence will display detected sensitive data in two places:

  1. Data Detection Scan Results within the Confluence page

  2. Sensitive Data Search - accessible to users* and administrators

*You will need permission to view the detected sensitive data and this is managed by your Confluence administrator(s).

To access the Sensitive Data Detection results on your Confluence pages, click the Compliance icon (A), as shown below.

This will open the scan results in Compliance and you will see a list of detected sensitive data (B).

You will notice next to each row of detected data there is an action menu (C) that allows you to exclude specific data from sensitive data detection scanning.

Once you have excluded data from the Sensitive Data Detection scan, it will appear in the Excluded Sensitive Data section in the Compliance admin settings.

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