You can install Compliance for Confluence Cloud in two ways; through the Atlassian Marketplace (option 1) or within Confluence using the Universal Plugin Manager (option 2).

Important: both methods will require administrator permissions to install the app on Confluence.

Option 1 - Atlassian Marketplace

Go to the product listing on the Atlassian Marketplace and click Try it free. Next, select the Cloud version and which Confluence site you want to install the product (as shown in the screenshot below).

Once you have selected the Confluence site, click Start free trial and it will begin installing. After this has installed you can begin using Compliance for Confluence 🚀

Option 2 - Universal Plugin Manager

The other options is using the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) within Confluence. To access the UPM click Apps in the top navigation and select Find New Apps in the drop down menu. Next, search for “Compliance for Confluence” and it should appear in the search results.

Once installed, you will be able to open Compliance for Confluence from the Apps dropdown menu.

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