In many organizations, the approval process is essential manage the creation and sign off of documents as well as using it as an opportunity to gather feedback on content. Unfortunately, Confluence doesn’t offer an approval process out of the box. However, with Approvals for Confluence you can add approval functionality to your Confluence pages. It’s easy to install with no setup required.

Main Features

Add Approvals to your Pages

With Approvals for Confluence, you can add 1 or more approvals to a page. These allow you to quickly send off content for review and our e-mail notifications always ensure that you are kept in the loop with your approvals. Review teams can be set up to make this process more standardised and efficient.

Keep Content Up to Date

Approvals for Confluence’s expiry options can help ensure that your page content is kept up to date. These can be set up to make pages expire at a specified time or every time the page is edited.

Search and Filter through your Approvals

Approvals Search allows you to search and filter through your approvals all in one place. This gives you an efficient way to view your approvals with ease

To see examples of Approvals for Confluence in action, you can check out out Use Cases or if you would like to get started with using some features, you could start checking out the User Guide.