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The Free version of the Matrix for Trello Power-up has limited configuration options.

Upgrade to the Pro version to unlock additional features and configurations.

Basic Configuration

The following options can be changed regardless of the version of Matrix for Trello being used:

Badges on Trello Cards

  • Choose whether to show badges on the front of your Trello Cards to indicate their matrix position.

RIch Cards in Matrix

  • Enable if you’d like to show more details about your Cards in the Matrix - for example labels/colors.

    • This option must be disabled to enable print functionality within the matrix.

Reverse Axis

  • Change the direction of the matrix rows and columns.

Pro Configuration

The Pro version of Matrix for Trello provides you with a number of extra features and configurations:


  • Give the Matrix a name for identification


  • Provide additional textual information for identification


  • Change the number of rows and columns in the matrix


  • Change the sort order of Cards within the matrix


  • Change the labels that are used for the axis and their labels


  • Choose the colors to use in the different sectors of the matrix

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