Approvals for Trello comes with a range of useful features that make requesting and providing approval on your Trello Cards easy. However, it’s important to know there are more features available in the Pro version of the Power-Up. Below you will find more detail about the features that are available in the Free or Pro versions.

Approvals for Trello FREE:

  • Add Approvals to Trello Cards

    • Easily add an approval with different Members on Cards from the Power-up menu in the Card View

  • View the Approval Status on the front of Trello Cards

    • No additional interface required - see the status of your Cards directly on the Board

Approvals for Trello PRO - which can be subscribed to via the Optro Marketplace:

  • Multiple Approvals per Card

    • Add more than one approval per Card, allowing you to understand how different phases of work have been reviewed

  • Group Board Members into Approval Teams

    • Save time by grouping members on a Board into teams and quickly adding them to Cards

  • Transition Cards automatically when Approved or Rejected

    • Automatically move Trello Cards to a different column when they are successfully approved or rejected

    • Easily organise your Cards based on their Approval Status