In the Pro version of Approvals for Trello you can create Approval Teams and apply these to any of your Trello cards.

This is a great way to save time when setting up your approvals but also helps to ensure consistency by having pre-determined groups of reviewers.

Creating Approval Teams

  • Click into Approvals for Trello on the navigation menu

  • Click “Edit Power-Up settings” to enter the configuration settings

  • On this screen , click the “+” to open the set up window

  • Enter the name and description for your approval team

  • Add the reviewers to the team and set the minimum number of approvals required

  • Note: you can also set up automation here so that the Trello Cards automatically move to specific lists based on their approved or rejected status.

Applying Approval Teams to Trello Cards

  • Open the Trello Card

  • Click “Approvals” in the right hand menu within the Trello Card

  • Press the “+” to add an approval

  • On this window you will see the Approval Teams that you have created - as shown below.

Editing Approval Teams

You can easily edit your Approval Teams by follow the steps below:

  • Click into Approvals for Trello (from the Trello Board)

  • Press “Edit Power-Up settings”

  • Open the Approval Team you would like to edit

  • Add / Remove Users to this Approval Team

  • Click Save