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Error - Unable to Retrieve License Status

There may be some rare circumstances when the message “Unable to retrieve license status” will appear when using an Optro Power-Up.

This can happen for different reasons, as shared below:

Trello Power-Up User

If you are using a Trello Power-Up from Optro, this error message may appear due to your browser settings. Some web browsers enable you to block cookies or URLs in the configuration settings.

We recommend you to add Trello to the list of approved websites and this should resolve the error message.

However, if the problem persists please contact our support team.

Optro Vendor

If you are an Optro Vendor and are creating / have created your Power-Up, this error message will appear if the monetization parameters have not been set correctly.

To resolve this, you will need to enter the code for your Power-Up and set up the monetization parameters correctly. For more information please refer to (link).

Please contact our support team if you require any assistance.

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If this problem persists, please contact our support.