Whilst it’s free to sign up to Optro Vendor, any revenue you generate from Power-Up subscriptions on Optro will be shared.

Once a Trello user subscribes to your Power-Up, the revenue generated will be shared (after any applicable taxes) as follows:

  • Power-Up Vendor (You) - will receive 75% of the revenue

  • Optro Marketplace (Us) - will receive 25% of the revenue

In practice this would be broken down as follows. Please note, this is an example and does not take into account any applicable taxes:


Price / Revenue

Power-Up Monthly Subscription Fee

$5 USD p/month

Power-Up Vendor Revenue

$3.75 USD p/month

Optro Revenue

$1.25 USD p/month

The Optro revenue share agreement applies to all Trello Power-Ups listed and marketed on the Optro marketplace.

If you would like any further details on the Vendor agreement, please reach out to our team.