Whilst it’s completely free to sign up to Optro Vendor, any revenue you generate from Power-Up subscriptions on Optro will be shared as defined in clause 11 of the Optro Developer Terms.

Once a Trello user subscribes to your Power-Up, the revenue generated will be shared (after any applicable taxes) as follows:

  • Power-Up Vendor (You) - will receive 75% of the revenue

  • Optro Marketplace (Us) - will receive 25% of the revenue

In practice this would be broken down as follows. Please note, this is an example and does not take into account any applicable taxes. Please refer to the Optro Developer Terms for more detail.

Example Revenue breakdown


Price / Revenue

Power-Up Monthly Subscription Fee

$5.00 USD p/month

Power-Up Vendor Revenue

$3.75 USD p/month

Optro Revenue

$1.25 USD p/month

The Optro revenue share agreement applies to all Trello Power-Ups listed and marketed on the Optro market.

If you have any questions about the revenue share agreement or Optro Developer terms, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to help.