Before you can place a Power-Up on Optro and begin promoting it, you need to create an Optro Vendor account.

The registration process is easy to do and below we’ll walk you through the steps to get registered:

Step 1 - Vendor details

Enter the following information in the Vendor Info section:

  • Vendor name - this is usually the name of your company or business. Note: you can change this at a later stage if required

  • Email (primary contact) - the Optro team will use this email to contact you regarding your vendor account

  • Business address - this should be your main business address (e.g. headquarters / main office)

Step 2 - Optro Vendor Account Details

This information will be used to log in to Optro Vendor:

  • Full name - the name that will appear in your Optro Vendor account

  • Email - the address you will use to login to the Optro Vendor account

  • Password - please follow the on-screen password requirements

Step 3 - Confirmation of Optro Vendor Terms & Policies

Before you can create an account you need to have read and confirm you understand the Terms and Policies.

Step 4 - Email verification

The final step is to verify the email address for your Optro Vendor account.

Once verified, you will be able to login to your Optro Vendor account and begin setting up your Power-Up(s).