As Trello users start subscribing to your Power-Up(s), we’re going to need a way to pay you.

Optro uses Stripe to handle the remittance process. This service is fast, reliable, and means Optro will not handle any of your payment information.

Integrate Stripe with your Optro Vendor account

It’s easy to set up Stripe and connect it to your Optro Vendor account. Simply navigate to Payment Info within Optro Vendor, and click Connect with Stripe (as shown below).

This will direct you to a landing page within Stripe where you need to follow the instructions shown on screen. At this stage, you will be able to connect an existing Stripe account or set up a new one.

Once your account is connected, you can always update your Stripe payment information at any time. To make these changes, simply navigate to Payment info in Optro Vendor and access Stripe.