Adding Approvers on the fly allows you to add reviewers to a page that is currently in an Approval status.

This features provides flexibility and removes the need to cancel a workflow or review process once its begun. You can add additional reviewers to your existing workflows with the click of a button.

Below you will find a short video tutorial which will guide you through the steps of using this feature. Alternatively, if you read on in this page, we will take you through the process.

Workflow Configuration

To enable this feature, you need to ensure the “Allow Additional Approvers” toggle is activated in the Workflow. This can be found in the Approval Node configuration settings.


We would not recommend allowing all your Confluence users to be able to add approvers on the fly. To control this, access Admin Settings > Workflows > Configuration > Permissions tab and specific the groups or users who are permitted to use this functionality.

Using Approvals on the Fly

Once on a page which is currently being approved, users (with the required permission) can click on the Add Approvers button located in the workflows dialog window. This will take them through the steps to add extra reviewers.