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Use Cases

Compliance for Confluence is a Data Protection app which can be used in a lot of different ways. Each organization will have their own procedures and standards, so each user will have to approach it differently.

You will find the most common use cases below. These will give you insights into possible scenarios you may encounter and how Compliance for Confluence can support you in managing day-to-day tasks or more complex situations.

Classifying Content and Data in Confluence

Chris works for a Fortune 500 company who are subject to the ISO 27001 standards. They are currently evaluating Confluence to see if this can be their central knowledge base solution.

One of the companies primary requirements is the classification of data relating to its sensitivity. For example, financial records should classified as a restricted document and should only be visible to a subset of company employees. On the other hand, a company policy (e.g. travel policy) would be classified as internal use only and should be visible to all employees.

Find out how Chris can set up Compliance for Confluence to classify his pages in line with his companies policies.

Restricting Page Access based on Classification Level

Angela is a Confluence Admin for a small business who have been adding documentation to their Confluence.

Members of the company’s HR team have been writing up transcripts from recent candidate interviews. These documents need to be classified and restricted so that only members of the HR team can view and access them.
These transcripts need to be classified and restricted so that only members of the HR groups can see them.

Find out how Angela can set up automated page restrictions based on the classification level.

Identifying Sensitive Data in Confluence Pages

Bruno works as a Product Manager for a large business who have been preparing for their upcoming product launch.
A few days ago, Bruno found Confluence pages which contained some company Credit and Debit card numbers which would be costly if they fell into the wrong hands.

Bruno needs to set up notifications so he is made aware of sensitive data being added to Confluence. He also needs to ensure sensitive data is redacted so that no one can view the information.

Find out how Compliance for Confluence can help Bruno automate this process.

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