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Forcing Classification on Page Creation or Edit

As an Administrator, you can set a rule so that users are mandated to classify their pages upon creation or editing of the page. This helps you to enforce parts of your data handling procedures within Confluence.

This setting can be activated at the global and space level.

Activating at Global Level

Enabling it at the global level means that you can turn it on/off for the whole site.

Settings > Compliance Configuration > Classification > Global Options > Force Classification Globally

Activating at Space Level

Doing it at a space level allows a more granulated control i.e. only enable it for specific spaces while disabling it for the rest.

Navigate to a Space > Space tools > Apps > Compliance > Force Classification

While it’s great to force the Classification of pages upon creation, if you opt out of using this then the Reporting and Statistics feature introduces an area where you can see all your unclassified pages, it’s a powerful method of ensuring pages are classified efficiently and closing any gaps in applying classification levels.

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