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Finding Sensitive Data

Extracted sensitive text can be viewed/actioned in the system level Sensitive Data Browser found at:
:Cog: Settings > Compliance Configuration > Browser > Sensitive Data.

This table shows all the sensitive data that has been detected (see example below). Data shown includes the type of extraction, the sensitive text, the page from which it was detected, the space and when the text was detected.

You can use the filter button to retrieve specific items using:

  • Text match - filter sensitive data that contains the text you've entered

  • Extractions - only show the sensitive text of specific extraction types i.e. Email addresses

  • Spaces - only show sensitive text that belongs to pages in certain spaces

Once you have found the sensitive data, you can use Automation to perform actions on the page. Find out how to set this up. If you don’t want to automate these actions then you can click on the Ellipsis (triple dot) button at the end of each row and choose from the list of available actions. To learn more about the available actions click here to read more.

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