The dashboard gives you a clear view of the classification levels for all your Confluence pages. It will also highlight any of your pages that are pending classification which helps you take action and ensure these are classified appropriately.

You will also find a table listing the pages you have recently classified as well as your overall statistics relating to the classification levels in Confluence.

Accessing the Dashboard

To access the dashboard, you need to open the Compliance app. You can do this by clicking Apps in the top navigation bar and then clicking Compliance in the drop down menu that appears.

The first screen that opens when you access Compliance is the Dashboard and this will have a layout similar to the image below.

Navigating the Dashboard

Your Pending Classifications

The dashboard gives you a view of all your pages still pending classification (example below) and enables you to take action and classify them appropriately.

Your Recent Classifications

The dashboard also shows pages you have recently classified and when that change was made (as shown below).

Your Classification Statistics

Finally, you will also get an overview of the classification statistics for all your pages in Confluence. This may be useful for reporting purposes.

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