You can easily exclude pages from Sensitive Data Detection and prevent Compliance for Confluence from scanning them for sensitive data.

Follow the guide below to add Confluence pages to your Excluded Pages list.

Add Confluence Pages to Exclusion List

To add a page to the Excluded Pages list, you first need to navigate to the Confluence page itself. Once on the page, open the “…” menu (A) and select Add to Excluded Page (B).

This Confluence page is now added to the Exclusion list and will no longer be scanned for sensitive data.

Manage Excluded Pages List

To find a full list of your Excluded Pages, navigate to the Compliance for Confluence app (Apps > Compliance) and access Settings (C).

This is where you can view all the pages that have been excluded from Sensitive Data Detection. You can use the filters on the right-hand side to narrow the search results if there are a large number of pages displayed here.

Remove Page from Exclusion List

You can easily remove a page from the Excluded Pages list by clicking the Actions menu (D) and selecting Remove from the drop-down menu.

This page will be immediately removed from the Excluded Pages list in Compliance for Confluence.

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