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Single-step approval round

Approvals for are one of the most intuitive and efficient approval tools that you can integrate directly within your board. One of the most loved features of approvals is how teams can create and add a single approval round for any item on their board. In this guide, we will explore how to add a single approval round to an item.

Adding the approval

There is no complicated process when adding an approval to any item within your board. Simply, click on an item that needs to be reviewed and navigate to ‘approvals’ displayed within the top right-hand side of the byline.

Once clicked, the interface display window will change to the approvals app, where you can view the guide walkthrough. To add an approval, click ‘add new approval’ (A), and this will be shown at the top of the display.

Customizing the approval

Once added, you can create and add a title to your approval. This is useful when you need a certain section or a specific team to review the item. To change the approval title, click on the pen icon (B).

This will open the approval round text, where you can start typing the approval name. Once done, click the tick icon (C) for the title change to save.

Add your reviewers

Now it’s time to add your reviewers to the approval. To do this, click on ‘+add approver’, which will open a list of people from your board. You can either add your approver from the drop-down list or filter the search (D) by typing the reviewer's name.

Once you have selected your reviewer, you will see their name appear in the approver section (E) under the approval.

The approval will automatically be active as soon as the reviewer is added to the approval. The reviewer will be notified of the approval by email and within the app.

If you have selected the wrong reviewer, you can delete them by hovering over the reviewer and clicking right on your mouse, which will give you the option to delete the approver (F).

Deleting an approval round

After completing an approval round or adding approval to an item by mistake, you can easily delete the displayed approval by clicking on the bin icon (G).

This will then show a pop-up that will confirm if you want to delete the approval. Select ‘delete’ (H), and the approval will no longer show within the item.

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about Approvals for, please contact our Customer Support team.

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