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Multi-step approval round

It’s very common for companies to rely on a multi-stage approval process to ensure a thorough review and approval process. A multi-stage approval will typically involve multiple rounds of approval that require approval from different groups of individuals.

For instance, a marketing agency managing an advertising campaign may adopt a multi-stage approval process. With numerous moving parts within a campaign, integrating existing review workflows becomes crucial to keep tasks moving forward efficiently. While online project management tools can streamline the process, lacking a robust approval process can lead to time-consuming tasks, such as manual review requests via email.

With Approvals for, you can create and customize multi-stage approval processes tailored to your needs. This empowers you to be certain that tasks sent for review in are approved by the right group of individuals.

In this guide, we will walk through adding a three-stage approval process to any task item placed on your Monday board.

Video tutorial: Set up a multi-stage approval process in

Guide: Set up a multi-stage approval process in

Adding approval rounds

To start the review process, access Approvals for within any item on your monday board. Then, add your approval by selecting the approval round (A) field. Once you've added your initial approval round, proceed to add any remaining approval rounds below.

MS a .png

Customizing the approval title

You will now see the approval rounds will be added to the main Approvals for display window, you can see this in the screenshot below.

Now you can start to rename the Approval title (B) text ‘Approval round 1’ to be more specific to your review process, such as ‘marketing team review.' To do this simply start typing your text changes by clicking within the approval round title. Once done, your text change will automatically be saved.

MS b.png

Adding reviewers

To add your reviewers, simply click on + add approver, where a list of approvers will appear. To narrow your search, filter your reviewer's name within the filters section.

Once you have selected your reviewer, their name will appear in the approver section (C) under the approval round.

MS C.png

Adding approval teams

Alternatively, you have the option to include existing approval teams from in the approver's drop list. This streamlined approach will help you save time by adding the appropriate group of people for task reviews, instead of individually selecting each reviewer.

Simillar to adding individual reviewers, add approval teams by selecting them within the add approver section. Once selected, the approval team will display under your approval round (D)

MS D.png

Sequential approval process

Now that your approval rounds are configured, the final step is to establish a sequential approval process. This automated process will guide the approval through a series of completion steps until it reaches the final stage.

To start the process, navigate to the down arrow (E) placed next to the round title. You can start to number the rounds based on the order of approval you would like the approval to progress through. For the scenario in this guide, we would number the round from 1 to 3.

MS E.png

Once configured, select the start button (F) to start the approval process. The first approval round will begin, and the reviewers will automatically be notified of their approval request.

MS F.png

The sequential approval process eliminates the need for you to manually start the approval rounds to the next stage, streamlining the approval journey.

Important: The approval rounds will advance to the next stage upon approval or rejection of the item.

Monitor approval progress

You can monitor any items sent for approval on your Monday board with our visual, color-coded approval status column and approvers column (G).

MS G.png

Deleting an approval round

If you want to delete an approval round, click the edit button placed at the bottom of the approver. Then, navigate to the three-dotted menu, and once selected, the delete round (H) option will appear.

Important: For audit purposes, there will not be an option to delete an approval round once it’s been approved.

MS H.png

Need support? We’re here to help 🧡

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about Approvals for, please contact our Customer Support team.

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