Optro was designed with multiple vendor support a priority and we welcome additional vendors to take advantage of the enhanced functionality and security that we offer.

Whether you’re starting out building Power-ups, or you already have a Power-up potentially with your own monetization platform and are looking to benefit from focusing on development of your products and not their supporting services.

The Optro platform is being proved with a few Power-ups to build confidence with our partners.

Following this, we will begin contacting vendors in the registration list in order of first contact.

Please contact us via accounts@optro.cloud and have a chat with our staff to find out more about getting listed on the Market and what we can offer.

Vendor Resources coming soon:

  • Sandbox Market Instance for testing your Power-up Listings.

  • Guides and GitHub Repositories showing how to integrate with Optro.

  • Vendor Information PDF

  • Fully Integrated Vendor Management and Registration interface.

We are working hard on a fully integrated Vendor Management interface and welcome your feedback.

More Info (Subject to change, contact for full information)

Tentative Steps:

  • First, we’ll enable your access to the Vendor Portal, which contains detailed information.

  • Next, we’ll have a chat to understand how you’d like your Power-up listed and licensed.

  • We will then provide instructions on how to integrate your Power-up with the Licensing API.

  • Finally, after subsequent communication/legal, we will enable your Power-up Listing.

  • Each month, we calculate the revenue share for the previous month and send this to your business bank account. Subject to the minimum pay-out amount policy (if the minimum pay-out is not met, it will roll-over to the next month until the amount has been met).