The future of Optro is certainly exciting! On this page you can find all the cool new features and improvements we will be releasing in the near future.

And you can help shape the future of Optro too 🙂

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Estimated Release

Power-Up Listing Editor

Enable more significant edits to be made in the listing editor (e.g. bullet points, indenting, font adjustments)

October 2021

Power-Up Subscription Metrics

Enable the metrics that enable vendors to measure Power-Up subscriptions over time

November 2021

Implement Power-Up customer list

Add a list of customers so Vendors can view which individuals or organizations are using their Power-Ups

November 2021

Power-Up searching and filtering

Allow users to filter and search for Power-Ups within the Optro Market.

November 2021

Customer Reviews

Add the ability for customers to write reviews for Power-Ups and publish these on a Power-Up listing.

December 2021