Pulse for Jira is an App which provides analytics functionality to your Jira Cloud site. It allows you to track activity globally, in a certain Project or on a particular Issue.

Pulse currently tracks the following actions:

  • Viewing an Issue

  • Creating an Issue

  • Updating an Issue

  • Deleting an Issue

  • Commenting on an Issue

In order to provide analytics capabilities, metadata is stored on what actions are performed and what these actions are performed on. This information is limited to identifiers. Pulse for Jira does not record any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as the contents of Comments, Fields or the names of Users.

Below is an example of what information is stored:

  • Time

  • Account ID of Actioning User

  • Issue Metadata such as Issue ID, Issue Type ID, Status ID and the ID of the field that changed (e.g. the Custom Field ID)