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Task Manager

The Task Manager in Optimizer for Jira allows you to schedule and queue Jira Administration tasks that could run in the background. This feature enables Admins to work on other things and automates the process of running maintenance tasks outside of work hours.

When a task is added to the Task Manager, it gets added to a queue and this only completes when you click the “Dispatch Queue” button. This gives you added control and allows you and your colleagues to review changes before they are completed. Once the “Dispatch Queue” button is clicked, the tasks will run one by one.

Project Archiving is not part of the Task Manager in Optimizer for Jira. You will only have the option to archive immediately from within the smart tables (on Data Center).

Using the Task Manager

Task Manager button is located at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will be a light grey / blue button.


Tasks in the queue are categorized into four categories under the Queue tab - Delete, Inactivate, Edit, and Merge.

Each category has a list of tasks, and each task can be expanded to see details about the jobs in the queue.

A breakdown describing the expanded task list, shown on screenshot on the left side, contains the following

  • Expand - a button to show/hide task details

  • Title - job type held within the queue

  • Queue Size - the amount of queued jobs in the task

  • Clear - a button to empty the queue

  • Create Task - a button to create a task that performs every queued job inside of the queue

Expanded View:

  • Search Field - the queued items

  • Expand - open up a sub-section

  • Status - this indicator is currently unused

  • Type Name - type of object in the queue (e.g., Project, Custom Field, etc.)

  • Object Id - an identifier of the queued object

  • Object Name - the name of the queued object

  • Remove - drop task job from the queue


The task queue allows you to view what tasks are going to run or have been run recently. This list can be viewed by clicking the circle with the number in the bottom left of the screen.

A breakdown of a single task in the queue can be seen on the screenshot on the right side. The illustrated elements on the screen are as follows:

  • Refresh - a button that allows you to refresh the displayed queue status

  • Execution Toggle - a button to switch on or off execution of tasks from the queue. When the task execution is disabled no tasks will run.

  • Expand - opens an expanded view of the task for more details

  • Status - an indicator of the current task status

  • Task Name - a brief describing the task

  • Progress - the total number of jobs and the number of jobs that have been processed

  • Remove and Abort - a button that can be used to remove abort running jobs and removed the task

  • Progress Steps - on overview of the actions in the task

  • INFO TABS - multiple tabs with detailed information for each job

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